Tasks and Objectives
The AOEV aims to promote the cooperation among the airports in Austria’s federal provinces and represent their common interests.

The AOEV’s objective is to promote cross-company cooperation among Austria’s commercial airports and to represent their common interests to the general public, public authorities, relevant decision makers for the aviation industry and other interest groups. 

This includes the development of joint initiatives and positions in the interest of the members, representing the concerns shared by the airport, international aviation- and airport-relevant decisions, and the regular exchange of information and experience among the airports as well as partners in the aviation industry. Such partners include airlines, air traffic control and partner organisations such as the German Airports Association (ADV), Swiss International Airports Association (SIAA), Airport Council International (ACI), European Regional Association (ERA), Association of European Airlines (AEA), European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and many more.

Safety and Security

Airports, airlines and air traffic control authorities do everything they can to ensure that flying is and will continue to be the safest way to travel in this day and age. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to steadily deploy state of the art technologies and continuously ensure the further development of safety measures. Security checks at the airport, technical developments and air traffic control systems always pass through new development phases. In this way, the responsible bodies in the aviation industry make sure that safety is not only the top priority in travelling and also that the journey itself remains a pleasant experience for passengers. For the airports, it is important to make security checks as pleasant as possible for passengers. Attempts are made to set efficient and uniformed safety standards in close cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior without compromising on passenger comfort. Information on the safety and security operations at Austria’s commercial airports is available in the AOEV information brochure.


Environmental protection, energy efficiency and dealing with the negative impacts of flight traffic in the respective region are important issues for every airport. In this regard, the AOEV promotes the exchange of specialist know-how and bundles the expertise of the commercial airports.

Accordingly, the association deals with regulatory requirements or changes in environmental legislation, regional planning and tender processes, shares experiences and discusses potential solutions relating to the dialogue carried out with neighbouring regions. The aim is to ensure sustainability at the aviation locations and find effective approaches for a good coexistence. 

Transport policy

Austria’s aviation sector is an indispensable competitive factor in an international context, both for the Austrian economy and for tourism. Austria’s commercial airports make a considerable contribution to Austria’s development as a business location, serving as an economic driving force and creator of jobs in their respective regions. As a means of safeguarding this competitiveness, the AOEV contributes its professional expertise to Austria’s transport policy.

Regional significance

Austrian airports represent an important factor in the economic and tourism development of the country. In their roles as companies, the commercial airports comprise the backbone of Austrian exports and secure many thousands of jobs. For this reason, their declared objective is to safeguard the country’s competitiveness.